Space race: the surgical device inspired by NASA

British astronaut Tim Peake has made his way back to Earth, after an inspirational six months on the international space station. And space travel has also proven a source of inspiration for the medtech sector recently

A new plasma pen is looking to revolutionise cosmetic and aesthetic surgery – and the technology behind it derives from NASA’s innovations. Designed by Triteq for Fourth State Medicine, the pen aims to transform surgical procedures into non-invasive treatments.

Gas plasma sterilisation isn’t new to the healthcare sector. However, this plasma pen uses a new concept, combining the different mechanics of plasma to achieve a better therapeutic effect. Plasma technology renders skin treatment in a non-invasive way and helps to dramatically reduce scars. It also helps to improve wound healing without the risk of infection or the need for drugs in a range of cases, such as diabetic ulcers and bed sores. With over 50,000 people in the UK undergoing cosmetic surgery every year, the possibilities of using this revolutionary technology are endless, says its maker.

Dr Thomas Frame, Founder of Fourth State Medicine, said: “We will be a world leading technology provider and developer of solutions based on our revolutionary proprietary plasma based platform technology. This will offer new treatments, therapies and solutions responding to the demands and needs of our customers in well-defined and growing markets in the cosmetic, wound care, food, veterinary and sterilisation sectors.”